10,000 Mile Patagonia Handcycle Journey

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1348881130One of the cutest quads in the country, the dreamy-eyed Seth McBride from Portland, Oregon (I’m allowed to say that because I totally have a bf), is planning of the most epic handcycle rides to ever happen.

This fall, he plans on leaving for a yearlong bike trip that will start in Portland, Oregon and end in Patagonia, Argentina; a nearly 10,000 mile journey. He will also be the first quadriplegic to complete a Panamerican cycle tour, and the expedition will be self-supported – no crew, no vans, just two bikes, a trailer, and all the gear they need to camp. Check out his proposed route

And he’s not going alone either. Seth, 29, is living Portland for school and it is here where he met Kelly Schwan, an occupational therapist at a local hospital. Both are avid outdoors-people, especially ( before breaking his C7-8 vertebrae in a skiing accident when he was 17). But after his injury, he refused to roll away from his passions.

Seth went on to become an awesome quad rugby player and won the bronze in the London Paralympics, and before that, the gold in Beijing. This guy is buff. And his epic bike ride exemplifies his refusal to walk away from who he is to a tee.

Without question, this handcycle journey is on a level no one else at his level of injury has done yet. They don’t even know if their equipment will make it that long without major repairs. This is why the duo, who’ve dubbed their journey “The Long Road South,” is asking for donations.

A few bucks can buy them a meal, $20 can get them AC in a hotel room when they’re trekking through the steamy areas of Central America and $50 pays for a full day on the road. Money can go far is these areas. It’s still a few months before they take off, so there’s plenty of time to help. So far they’ve raised $4,245 of their target of $20,000. Click here to contribute

Imagine how amazing this trek will be. The Americas are so stunning. Here’s hoping they get to Pantagonia in the fall of 2015, right on schedule.

Visit their site: The Long Road South