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EdnaEscherGaston200x200Do you know an amazing mom on wheels? If so, hurry up and nominate her for the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation’s 3rd Annual Best Mom on Wheels Contest. What a better way to let your mom know you care? Submissions are accepted until May 14th.

And anyone who knows the mom can nominate her. Friends, family even far off acquaintances; if you know her, your submission will be accepted. So if you know an amazing mom who uses a wheelchair and you want to submit her name, here’s what you need to do: Head on over to and submit a thoughtful 200-word essay.

And the essay should demonstrate the impact she has had on the family and community. How has she changed your life or made you think outside of yourself, that kind of thing. And what I love about this contest is that it exists. I have known several awesome moms on wheels over the years and I’m always amazed by one thing and one thing only – the sheer amount of energy they have to accomplish it all.

I’m talking career moms – moms who work, take care of young children (and older children too) AND have a paralyzed body to take care of. Let me say the paralyzed body will always be the brattiest child of them all. It’s a non-stop barrage of one health issue after another. To keep your head held high, above water, and still manage to care of everything in life, and be an amazing mother, is no small feat.

Other than winning the title of “Best Mom on Wheels” (which is really cool unto itself), the winner of the contest receives a $500 gift card for a Tilt-a-Rack, a sweet attachment for a car that holds/caries power wheelchairs and scooters, so you no longer need a trailer. Not bad! (although a free one would be better)

Remember, all submissions need to be sent online by 11:59 pm EST May, 14th. After that, the voting for the 10 finalists will begin May 20 and go until May 30, and the winner will be announced around June 3. And in case you missed her, last year’s winner was Edna Escher-Gaston, 62, a mother and grandmother and one of the initial signers of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Learn more about her

With all of that said, Happy Mother’s Day to you amazing moms with disabilities out there. Stalwart, strong, determined, loving, you prove women truly are the greater sex.

Nominate a best mom on wheels here