The coolest custom adapted minivan ever?

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8614618255_75bfc419b3_nIf you’re in Aylett, Virginia and see the license plate “Cntwlk” cruise by, you should know you’re in the presence of one of the coolest minivans on the planet. Some people may laugh at “cool” and “minivan” being used together, but wait till you see this bad boy.

Justin Spurlock, a C5-7 quad, injured in 2002, and is the owner the “Orange Crush,” a 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan with a Braun lowered floor, and it’s been customized to the max. The ‘Crush’ is the latest transformation of his ride. Before, it was painted red and had slick neons (lighting underneath the van that lit up the road), but after his vehicle was in an accident last year (and considered a total loss), that’s when the Crush was born.

He went to Master Automotive in King William, VA to fully restore his baby. The color officially is “Tangelo Peal” (from House of Kolor) and it also has glossy black paint on the hood and the roof (love this), giving it the racecar vibe. Other exterior features include Sypder Smoked Out foglights, Spyder Euro tailights, shaved moldings, a Mopar rear spoiler and a Sarona rear lip. And the engine is your basic V6, but it has a 2 1/2″ custom exhaust and a Vibrant muffler. And the tires have 20″ x 8.5″ rims.

As for the interior, it’s as luxe as you’d expect. It has a custom diamond plate floor, custom suede headliner, Summit Racing black leather seats, orange LED accent lighting and a 5% tint on the windows. And there’s more lighting on the exterior – daytime running light and an orange LED left turn signal. The van also has all the adapted driving mods you’d expect for a C5-7 quad – an EZ Lock, reduced effort steering and Emc Aevit digital hand controls.

Justin however has an “ultimate” goal for his blinged out minivan – he wants it to be the first wheelchair accessible minivan shown at the SEMA Show this November (an important auto show for industry people that happens in Las Vegas each year). He’d love his creation to change minds. “I want them to see that you don’t have to give up on life and that life can be fun, and we can ride in style,” he says. If the Crush doesn’t get in this show I will be seriously disappointed.

Is the Orange Crush cool for being a minivan, or is it just really freaking cool? Just like how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop, the world will have to fight on that one (but we over here know the right answer).

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