Free SCUBA for young disabled adults

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scubaSCUBA, deep-sea diving – this amazing sport can be adapted and it’s incredible, but it’s certainly not easy on the pocketbook.

It can cost $400 at some places just to get certified, and that doesn’t include the equipment. And the costs of SCUBA is especially high if you’re a young adult with a disability. Maybe you live at home or are in college. Chances are you don’t have the money to try out deep-sea diving for yourself….

That’s why Stay-Focused is such a great nonprofit. They make it possible for teens and young adults to try deep-sea diving, and they take them on exciting diving trips to the luxe Grand Cayman Islands). They were founded by Roger Muller, an able-bodied man who became passionate about diving for people with disabilities after seeing his brother, a paraplegic, gain so much freedom from it. This foundation is based in NYC and they’re celebrating their 10th anniversary this year.

What I love it is that Stay-Focused is classy. Many of their advisers come from accomplished companies and their diving trips are first class all around. Also, all donations they receive go to medical research for people with spinal cord injuries or towards finding a cure or other mobility issues, not to more diving equipment.

What they offer gratis is pretty great. They offer 7 days SCUBA diving certification, and invite certified people to come back the following year to refresh their skills. For 2013, their first program is July 18 to 24th for first time divers and their second program is July 25 to 30th for divers certified in 2012. They also offer a peer mentoring program in early August. Here is a look at their schedule

With that said, it’s your time to spread the good news. If you know any teenager or young adults with a disability who might be interested in diving, don’t hesitate to refer them to Stay-Focused. They’re dedicated to helping people with disabilities do new things that would otherwise be cut-off from them. They want you (if you’re a young adult that is) on their boat.

Remember this: The rewards are always worth the stress when it comes getting out of your comfort zone, and this is more than true with SCUBA. Now, if only Stay-Focused helped out adults with disabilities too (cries), then  I’d be set too.

Check out the foundation: Stay-Focused

Or if you’re really interested, email Roger himself: