Don’t you hate it when…

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Photo courtesy of quinn.anya

Photo courtesy of quinn.anya

Wheelchair pet-peeves. We all have them, and they’re inevitable. When you live life as a wheelchair-user you see some pretty crazy stuff. But that’s our common bond. No one understands this life unless they’ve experienced it themselves.

And there’s humor amidst the craziness. Maybe you can’t relate to each and every one of these, or maybe you’re a curious able-bodied bloke, but whatever brings you to this list, go ahead – take a deep gander. Oh the crazy things we experience as wheelchair-users.

The things you want are always on the top shelf at the store: No matter how much of a rush you’re in, the thing you want will always be the furthest out of reach. And no one will be around to ask for help.

Your chair breaks down on the weekend: Whether it’s a Friday night or Sunday morning, your chair will break down at the most inconvenient time, just like a car. Only problem – calling a cab isn’t an option. This happened to me on a first date once. Boy was that a bad omen.

You hit the wall/door while visiting someone’s home: While at a dinner party or visiting a relative’s house on a holiday, you accidentally nick/leave a mark on their bathroom wall, door jam, etc. Not the best way to be remembered.

Someone asks your life story at the most inconvenient moment: When you’re in a rush, late to an appointment or sicker than a dog, a stranger out of no where will want to ask you about your life i.e disability (and expect you to be as open as a open as a 4 year old). Umm no.

Your tire goes flat on vacation: Just when the party is about to start, you’re stopped dead in your wheels. Hellooo Murphy’s Law. Also, never trust an airline with your wheelchair. Always say a prayer, have the Pope bless it, whatever you can do, and pack your chair with “Warning: Handle with care” signage, before taking off.

You drop your reacher and can’t reach it: There’s nothing quite like dropping the very thing that helps you pick up dropped things. Whenever this happens I can’t help but laugh. My back-up reacher – my broom. A bit top-heavy, but it does the trick.

An old person takes the last handicapped parking spot: I realize it’s harder for the great seniors of the world to walk long distances, but do they always have to take the roomy wheelchair van accessible spots (especially at Walmart arg)?

You accidentally run over your cat (or dog’s) tail: No matter how hard you try, you will run over your beloved pet’s tail, and you’ll feel like the world’s biggest jerk afterwards. Always be wary of animals and kidlets.

You’re stuck in line behind someone with a very unappealing backside: Does this need any further explanation? I need to invent a hat with a retractable face lens for such cases….in pink of course.

I’ll be back with more later. In the meantime, why don’t you share?

What is your “don’t you hate it when?” wheely moment?

Photo courtesy of quinn.anya