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I am not French, nor can I understand the language, but that hasn’t stopped me from wanting to know everything there is about Cain, a new TV series from France that features a wheelchair-user as its main protagonist.

Bruno Debrandt, an able-bodied actor, plays Fred Cain, the paraplegic character who is the main star of this awesome show. Fred is a paraplegic who was injured 5 years prior in a motorcycle accident. And although he’s now a wheelchair-user, Fred is a salty, tough guy who doesn’t let his personality change one bit. He even might offend some wheelchair-users, but he could care less.

Just read the official synopsis of the show. How can you not love this premise?

Cain is a thriller that plays with the thriller, a detective series that focuses first on the humans hidden behind the criminals. The hero – a cop in a wheelchair – is more lively and moving than more wheelchair-users. On hsi wheels, Captain Fred Cain twirls around the suspects and arrives where we least expect it, interfering in all the recesses of the human soul … and use without shame or fear of his disability to override the conventions (often) and the law (sometimes).

That’s right, it’s definitely a bit House like in nature. I’m referring of course to House, the Fox show starring a disabled doctor (who used a cane); an incredibly smart, sarcastic career man with a disability (the public really loves this type of disabled character it seems.) Whether you’re stateside or over in Europe, all hail the sexy older man with a disability.

And the show has shown him in all sorts of intimate (in bed, flirting at the store) to badass (interrogating witnesses) situations. He is portrayed as sexy and strong. Even when he’s being carried up stairs after a night of drinking, he is still never portrayed as weak (and kissing the neck of the lifter instead). Refreshing indeed.

Cain debuted last Fall and currently has 8 episodes (it’s broadcast on France 2). I’m really shing I knew French right about now (as finding a subtitled version might be tricky; please let me know if you have any ideas).

In the meantime, here in the US we have “Artie” on Glee, but other than him, we really don’t have much when it comes to strong characters who use wheelchairs. What makes France so progressive in this regard? I wonder…

Have you seen Cain? What TV show with a wheelchair-user have you loved most?

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