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If Jesse Billauer, the badass disabled surfer from Cali and founder of Life Rolls On is the new spokesperson for the product, you know it’s gonna be good. The Wavejet surf board motor is changing the face (and future) of adapted surfing as we know it, making it possible for surfers with disabilities to be more independent in the water than they ever have before. Get ready.

Traditionally, with adapted surfing it usually takes at least two AB people to make it all happen – one to help the surfer into the wave, and another to grab them once they come through. What’s really brilliant about this invention is that it does the leg paddling for the surfer, whirring away underneath the board, making it possible now for surfers with disabilities to navigate independently pre and post wave, really making it feel natural.

And to control the speed of the Wavejet while in use, the surfer wears a watch with buttons (which they hit with their fingers or teeth, whatever they can use) that speeds up or slows the board down. Slick.

If you’re not up to speed on the world of adapted surfing in general, an overview: You may not get up and stand on the board, you balance on your belly instead, using your shoulders and arms to prop yourself up. It’s still just as thrilling and just as challenging and still a blast (think body boarding).

Up close, the Wavejet motor is some pretty sweet stuff. It runs on lithium batteries and can be snapped into the underside of any surfboard. Also, surf boards with the motor already built-in are available. It does cost a pretty penny. I won’t lie there (around $4,700), but from the videos (and the look on Jesse’s face after using the Wavejet for the first time), you know it’s worth every penny, half-penny even.

Electric motor love. Let’s hear it. They help our lives in everyway, and now finally they’ve overhauling the world of adapted surfing. Now, I wonder if they can put a motor on my bi-ski?

Have you gone surfing? What adaptations do you use?

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