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Part of my job is to scour the Internet for information that piques the interest of wheelchair-users. One of the best ways to do this is? Going on YouTube every couple of days and seeing what’s new (thousands of videos are uploaded daily to the site) of course.

And it’s popularity is a great thing because it means it’s only a matter of time before new wheelchair-related videos pop up, and boy do they ever. From goofy wheelchair rugby talk show hosts to one of the most entertaining wheelchair dance sport videos from 2012, here are three of my favorites.

If you’re into wheelchair rugby, then you’ll love the “Trav & Trev Show,” a YouTube-based talk show hosted by two Canadian wheelchair rugby players from British Columbia, Canada (shows are produced by British Columbia Wheelchair Sports). I really like this show because it doesn’t take itself seriously. The guys are young and goofy and it showa the lighter side of their world (plus, Trevor is super easy on the eyes so that helps. Love her full arm sleeve tattoos!).

So far, they have produced about 7 or 8 episodes, with a couple of them even recorded at the London 2012 Paralympic games. They do it all, from interviewing their massage therapist to chatting the latest youngest member on their team (and razzing him of course). Watch them razz him up. And here’s a link to their very first show.

The next YouTube Video that floored me this week was this Wheelchair Dance Sport video from the Continents Cup 2012, which happens in Saint Petersburg, Russia each year. I know many of us have seen plenty of great wheelchair ballroom dancing videos before – couples…usually one in a wheelchair and one who can walk…gliding across the floor – and they’re great.

But this solos video shows the top finalists dancing on their own, cha-cha-chaing their way to first place, and it’s really something to watch. I particularly loved the gorgeous dresses on these ladies, especially the one shoulder blue frock the brunette was wearing. I love the way they dance; so uninhibited and confident. Dang, their energy is infectious. Watch the 1 minute video

And the last video that blew my mind on YouTube is the rap song “Wheelchair Woes,” uploaded/created by PayneInTha, (a very talented guy with a spinal cord injury). His lyrics are about being in a wheelchair and they’re totally relatable. It also all comes together in a really great beat (warning: the song will get stuck in your head). Part of the lyrics:

“I can’t do it when i try, so pop wheelies in my mind.

I cant find the handicap sign.

thats wheelchair woes.”

Some may think the song is a but melancholy, but I dunno, I really like it. Listen to his song
Well, that about covers it, my friends. And these are just the video finds from 2012. Imagine what’s in store for 2013?! Awesomeness. That’s what. Look for my new YouTube finds on this blog in the coming months.

Wheelchair Rugby Talk with Trav ‘n Trev

Wheelchair Dance Sport solos dance

“Wheelchair Woes” rap song