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Wheelchair lacrosse is looking to expand big time, and their new promo video showcasing the veracity of the sport I have no doubt will certainly help their end goal. This gritty 6 minute video is worth every minute of your time. It’s not looking for sympathy or even yo only inform, it’s looking to change perceptions of of how able-bodied people look at their sport.

Ryan Baker, a paraplegic from California, is the founder of Wheelchair Lacrosse USA and is the one behind trying to get a team in every major city across the country (even worldwide). He and his closest buddies (other players on his California team) are featured in the video with each of them talking about their story and why wheelchair lacrosse changed their lives. And it’s such a well done video; great music, professionally done, and it hits home. It’s refreshing to see a video done so well on any disability-related subject (which unfortunately can be difficult to find).

If you’re not familiar with lacrosse, no it’s not an elitist sport. In fact, it doesn’t require too much expensive equipment to play. To jog your memory, it’s a sport where the players hold a long stick with a net on the end and then run/wheel up and down the field tossing the ball to one another, trying to get the ball into the net at the end of the field (just like soccer). All you need is a stick, a helmet and some padding. Not too expensive to play, and the rules are pretty much the same with the adapted version of the sport.

This is why I found it surprising that this sport isn’t included in the Paralympics roster of sports. Players of course would love to see it become one (who doesn’t want to be recognized at that level? But it has yet to happen). But that hasn’t stopped them in any way of course. If you visit their official web site, you’ll see that the sport is busier than ever. They just had a training camp in fact this month in New York City. And this is all in an effort to get as many people in wheelchairs aware of the sport is possible. It’s not it found as often in rehab centers (not everybody is into basketball).

Interested in trying the sport? Definitely contact the folks at Wheelchair Lacrosse USA and express interest in getting involved – first seeing if you like the sport, and if so bringing a wheelchair lacrosse team to your town. You never know; they may be open to smaller cities in you’re really interested in playing (and don’t live near a big metro).

Have you tried wheelchair lacrosse? What kind of gear do you have wear? Do you think it has a chance of becoming a sport the AB public might love?

Watch their new promo video

– Visit their site: Wheelchair Lacross USA