Found: Powerchair with chrome bling

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Here, my fellow powerchair users, is the inspiration for my desire to want to look awesome…even in my wheelchair. It is a powerchair encased in chrome. Well not completely, but it covers about 25% of it, and on a wheelchair that usually looks like a wanna-be Tranformers, this makes for one heck of a makeover.

A lucky paraplegic has the honor of owning this bad boy. He also happens to be a wheelchair mechanic at one of the biggest wheelchair dealers in our city. He’s a quiet 40 something guy who received the chair from his employer, and his employer won it at a benefit (at least he gave it to someone who would appreciate it!). And the people behind this amazing creation? Orange County Choppers, the California motorheads who live and breath chrome.

It takes a whole lot of expertise unfortunately (because I’d really like to have my brother learn how to do this), so I’m not surprised the people behind this chrome are big-time motorcycles bling doctors. I hate to say it – but even the best wheelchair mechanic can’t do this, and it’s too bad. Think of how more ok with powerchairs new powerchair-users would be if they could have chrome on their chairs? As you can see from my pics, the chrome is around the legs and the base, and the contrast of the chrome with the rest of the chair looks awesome.

The paraplegic mechanic also did further enhancements to his wheelchair to make it look cooler. He lowered the backrest to mid-torso level (only safe for those with good trunk control), which gave it a sleek new vibe. Then he put a flat, nearly inconspicuous footrest on it. Basically – he created a paraplegic-friendly powerchair. Brilliant!

Ever since I’ve seen this wheelchair, I’ve wanted it for myself. But since that is out of the question unless he dies, I’m set on just pining away for it from afar. Question though: Why isn’t chrome an option on powerchairs? It’s always baffled me (and I’ve bitched about it on my blog before) why powerchairs, made for lifelong-users, don’t have more fabulous options.

They really should. At the very least, powerchairs should have more options than sports cars. We use them 10x more often (so they really are closely aligned with how others how perceive us). Chrome has a higher purpose, my friends. For the young to the just plain hip wheelchair-users, chrome can be the bridge to sparking conversation and getting people to see us in a different light.

I want it now.

Have you seen chrome on a powerchair before? Any tips on getting it?