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“A spinal cord injury affects the entire family.” Don’t I know it. Don’t we all know it. knows it too. Armed with a nice lump of cash, this site has created thousands of short videos all with the same interview-format, and all with the same purpose – to help everyone affected by a SCI, from the person with the injury to family and friends.

This site was created by Robert Hill and Thea Flaum, whose daughter Vicki was paralyzed as a teen. Thea had an awesome career in television and was one of the original producers for the Siskel & Ebert Show. With her production background, the idea for creating a disability video site was a natural fit, and each video she’s made so far – every short 1 minute clip of a someone sharing their insight- are of amazing quality.

I could’ve really used this back when I made the big AB —> disabled person transition. A bedside chat with someone in a chair after you’ve been injured can only do so much. Maybe it can, if they’re really cool, but if they’re not, go to That is why I love the concept of this site. It gives lifesaving insight into a life, which when you’re first injured, can seem unlivable.

In each video, a person answers one question, which can be anything you can think of when it comes to living with a disability. If you’ve ever wondered it, there’s a video on the topic. “How has your friendships changed?” “Where did you get the best financial help?” “What sex advice and information was most helpful?” “What do you wish you had known in the beginning?” There are 13 categories in total, and you will see hundreds of videos you’ll want to watch.

All of the videos are found on their YouTube channel, and they add more all the time.

This is really such a great resource for the community. Whether you’re related to someone with an injury or have a spinal cord injury (and have lots of questions), look no further.

Truly, if I had had his site when I was 14….oh man my life have been so much different. At least it’s here now.

Check it out: