‘Iconic’ project needs disabled models

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Have you ever wanted to try modeling and live in the UK (or can get there easily)? Then there is an upcoming photography project looking for you. They’re searching for disabled models and absolutely no experience is necessary.

Elizabeth Waight
, an able-bodied photographer in London, is the creative mind behind this exciting project which she has beautifully called ‘ICONIC?’ (the project has been copyrighted). The purpose of the project: “To subvert the current obsession with physical perfection” by recreating iconic photographs (from the last 100 years), but using people with disabilities instead.

So far Elizabeth has already created a couple of images to get the public excited about her project. My favorite is her recreation of the famous Steven Meisel black and white image of Madonna (where she’s lying on a white sheet, nude, smoking a cigarette). She used Kelly Knox, a disabled model born with only one arm forearm, as the disabled representative of this image, and it turned out stunning.

The ultimate goal of this project is for it to be a traveling worldwide exhibition that stops at art museums throughout the world. Would love to see this. And she plans to recreate several famous photos as the project progresses, including the photo of Marilyn Monroe over the sewer grate, Mohammed Ali punching out the camera and Fred Astaire jumping in the air for the cover of Life magazine.

If you’re interested (and live in the area), Elizabeth will pay for your expenses to get there. You’ll also get a DVD of your images and a limited edition print. for your time. Contact her at info@elizabethwaight.com, and send a head and full length photo (just snap shots are fine), as well as a little bit about yourself.

To see Elizabeth’s work visit her site: Elizabeth Waight Photography