So Cool: Online SCI fitness center

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To be fair, this place has been open for awhile now, but SCI Total Fitness just upgraded their site (it looks great, btw). Yup, they are an online fitness center that caters specifically to people with spinal cord injuries. How does it work?  Read on, and you’ll see what a great idea this is.

Based in Long Beach, California, SCI Total Fitness is an online fitness center, and they have an on-site location too, so if you live in the area (and from the looks of the photos on its Facebook page, it looks like it has a great community), it would be a great place to work out in-person if you can get there (sometimes getting of your house is all the motivation you need somedays).

But if you don’t live in Long Beach (99% of you reading this blog), you can sign up for three separate online monthly plans that give a bunch of awesome things to help you get in shape (and help you kiss that quad gut goodbye), from access to specialized online workout videos (made by them, and delivered to your inbox each week), membership to their FAST Class (a fitness and cardiovascular workout) that is 45 minutes and led by a physical therapist who specializes in SCI rehabilitation (love this!). You also can get dietary plans at an extra cost (a great investment if you need to lose a lot of weight).

What’s really cool about their main cardio class is that it focuses on the major muscle groups in the upper-body needed to perform daily activities (and also to prevent everyone’s arch-enemy if they use a wheelchair – shoulder pain. Try to get this at Bally’s). You could try to get a structured regimen like this at a regular gym, but it’d probably be half as adequate and cost a lot more.

For $25.00 a month, you can get on their “Healthy Start” program, for $35.00 a month you can track your progress online as well as be rewarded for your accomplishments and for $99.00 a month, you can get a personalized diet and exercise program too.

Still not sure? They have free videos on their site to see the quality of their workouts before signing up.  It’s about time something as cool as this existed. Now none of us have an excuse for not getting in shape (uh-oh….maybe not the best thing afterall).

Check them out! SCI Total Fitness