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The perfect relationship doesn’t exist, and when you add a wheelchair to the mix perfection is even more difficult to achieve. That is why I love the Love Like This Life blog; a blog written by Dana Brown Ritter, an able-bodied woman and her husband Michael, a C5-6 quadriplegic.
Their blog is a real, honest look at what it’s like when an able-bodied person and a person with paralysis come together (a lot of issues come up), and it shows what they can overcome together.

Dana is a media producer and writer and the blog is a beautiful tribute to her and her husband’s relationship. But they didn’t start this blog because their relationship perfect; no siree. Their blog isn’t one of those “look at how perfect we are” blogs. They talk about all the tough things that can come up, from figuring out caregivers, traveling together to the importance of having alone time. The sections on the blog include “Love Marriage,” “Love Life,” “Love Home” and “Love Faith.”

And the blog is also focused on their Christian faith, which has seemed to carry them beautifully throughout their lives. The way they met is actually really interesting, with their faith the reason they ended up together. Michael, who broke his neck in a gymnastics accident in 1994, met Dana in 1999 when her church came to Florida for a mission trip. After the trip, Dana wrote Michael thanking his church for their help, and they carried on an 8 year pen-pal relationship afterwards.

When they finally met each other again in person, they were engaged within a year, and were married within the year after that. I love the part on their blog where she says, “Marrying a guy in a wheelchair wasn’t really part of my plan. But marrying a cute, funny, smart, loving man was.” They even have their wedding video on the site and a great FAQs explaining almost every question a visitor may have for them (including both able-bodied and disabled visitors).

I can’t say enough about the site. They’re sharing their story with the world and they’re helping other couples in similar circumstances thanks to their openness and honesty. More couples need to do something just like this. It’s a fabulous way to share the “real side” of disability with the world.

What is your favorite relationship blog?

– Visit their blog: Love Like This Life