Photo by Christopher Voelker

Selected Articles from New Mobility

There’s certainly more to life than the topics listed here, but as women we revisit these subjects frequently in an effort to make peace with our bodies, our choices, ourselves. Here are some of our favorite pieces from the NM archives, updated for 2011.

Body Image
The Body in Trouble, by Nancy Mairs, September 1997
A Disability in Full, by Barry Corbet, October 1999
Body Innage, by Lorie Levinson, October 2001
To Spigot or Not to Spigot, by Linda Ryan, February 2006
Unfractured Dreams, Photo Essay of Bethany Stevens by Michael Mullady, January 2011
Keeping House in Nepal: The Right to Equal Discrimination, by Megan Smith, February 2011
The Battle of Body Image, by Ellen Stohl, May 2011.

Painting by Melina Fatsiou-Cowan

Domestic Abuse
No Exceptions Made: Violence Against Women with Disabilities, by Laura Kaminker, October 1997
Shelter Me, by Josie Byzek, November 2004
Breaking Free from Medical Abuse, by Joy Weeber, November 2004
Breaking Free from Domestic Abuse, by Kathi Wolfe, November 2004

Sensibilities, Self-Esteem & Shoes, by Holly Hazel McGowan; February 2000
Functional Fashion, by Bhavna Mehta, January 2001
Dressed for Sitting, by Ellen Stohl; February 2010

Jill Parisi

Jill Parisi
Photo by Ron Parisi

Past Due: Quad Moms Talk About Pregnancy, by Jean Dobbs, July/August 1995
Women’s Health: Sharing Scarce Information, by Dr. Sandra Welner, October 1997
The Enemy Within, The Battle Without: Fighting for Accessible Services to Beat Breast Cancer, by Rachel Ross, November 1998
Reclaiming Your Health, by Expert Panel, October 2001
Osteoporosis, Menopause and Disability, by June Price, October 2001
Home Sweet Home: A Birth Story, by Annalysa Lovos, October 2002
Riding the Cotton Pony is So Last Century, by Amanda Lopez, May 2005.
The Uphill Push: Women Wheelchair Users and Access to Health Care, by Kara Sheridan, November 2007
Hormone Attack, by Sharon Gardner, January 2009
Access to Women’s Health Equipment, by Tom Scott, May 2011

Self-Esteem, Empowerment
Self-esteem: What Hurts? What Helps, Quotes by Readers, October 1997
In Search of a New Aesthetic: Carol Gill Charts The Way, by Jean Dobbs, November 1998
Women and Change, By Mariel Garza, October 2001
Ability to Sleep on Toilet an Asset, by Dee Sandin, May 2004
What’s in Your Head ? Who Put It There?, by Josie Byzek, May 2004
Photographing Jill, by Josie Byzek, November 2005
The Wild Women: Challenge Yourself, Challenge the World, by Josie Byzek, November 2006.

Dee Sandin

Dee Sandin

The Road to Intimacy, By Jean Dobbs; October 1997
Pleasure Principles, by Jean Dobbs, October 2002
Body Hunger, by Miss Jane, April 2002
The Longest Minute, by Tim Gilmer, February 2004
How Sexy is Your Brain: Exploring and Communicating, by Julienne Dallara, February 2007